European New Deal

DiEM25’s European New Deal offers a comprehensive economic and social agenda for the whole of Europe, including the Eurozone, EU members not in the Eurozone, and even European countries outside the EU.

It demonstrates how the European economic and social crisis, including the euro crisis, could be stabilised immediately, under the institutions already in place, before developing new institutions aimed at: - (a) turning idle wealth into green investments, - (b) delivering basic goods to every European region (freedom from involuntary unemployment, freedom from involuntary migration, the right to a sustainable environment and community) - (c) sharing the returns to capital and wealth - (d) democratising, and thus rationalising, economic policy.

YOUTUBE j1FvA239krw DiEM25 members from across the Union present our European New Deal: an agenda for a different Europe!

Moreover, a plan for managing the ill-effects of a possible EU and Eurozone disintegration are embedded in DiEM25’s European New Deal.

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