Hacker Beach

Hacker Beach is a month-long, spontaneous, self-organized gathering of hackers and like-minded people on a tropical island (or coast). It happens every year in January - hackerbeach.org

# Thoughts

I think it may be an interesting idea to look at short breaks after a conference and in association with SquatConf.

Canoa Equador

The principle here would be that people would book a holiday off work immediately following an important conference. This would be a good time personally and professionaly to have a holiday or what is called perjoratively as a Workation.

How can we combine our interest in diving with hacking? It is surely possible to steadily explore the overlap between these disparate activities - and see them as complementary like mind and body - and not as contradictory.

Canoa in Ecuador

# 4th Episode

The 4th episode will take place in January 2016 in Canoa, Ecuador.

Please follow the blog if you’re interested in participating. We’re also hanging out in #hackerbeach on Freenode.

# Past episodes: * 2013: Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam * 2014: Lamu Island, Kenya * 2015: Portsmouth, Dominica # Photos

Here are a bunch of photo's from previous events.


If you have an idea of where in the world a new event could take place then let us know?