Memetic Writing

How do you write differently to capture an idea in a way that it can travel, move, and recombine with other ideas? Here we look at what elements we might combine and technically how we might structure this "writing". This recording was made near , by fortyfoxes, on Aug 12, 2016 at 4:18 AM - audioboom

Let's look at the following elements: * Topic Maps * How we write * Page Media Elements

Marking up a wiki page with a small Topic Map or DAG as we are working towards with the About Graph Plugin would Make Ideas Sticky. Through Graph Search or as I prefer Karmic Physics we can not just navigate content using context, we can also argue with ideas.

The way we write has been fairly well practiced in wiki over the previous couple of years. It is a new form that sits in between personal notes, and public anonymous content. It is written for future use (see writing with strangers).