Paul Clarke

Paul has a 15-year background in public service information, having worked in most of the large government departments and across local authorities on technology and business change programmes.

YOUTUBE MeJDqFWaj3M Paul Clarke talks about the Pythagorean Comma.

This included two years as Head of Strategic Proposition for Directgov. He has specialised in recent years in digital strategy, and how technologies such as social media can support engagement between citizens and government. In the social media world he is known for the Tweetbike a mash-up between Twitter and a motorbike, to rescue stranded commuters during Tube strikes and for creating a data standard that allowed users reports of snow conditions (#uksnow) to be made into a useful, real-time map.

Paul is passionate about photography, and the ways in which image can enhance other forms of communication. He has documented much of the social media and technology scene in London and across the UK, and is working on a project that links together his interest in citizen/government engagement with his love of striking images.

His other great interests are music (particularly the science of harmony), psychotherapy, and the challenges faced by men in a world of changed expectations and equalities.