Semantic Network

A semantic network is a graphic notation for representing knowledge in patterns of interconnected nodes and arcs. It is one way for knowledge visualization and presentation.

It was used firstly for for artificial intelligence and machine translation in computer science. What is common to all semantic networks is a declarative graphic representation that can be used either to represent knowledge or to support automated systems for reasoning about knowledge - stackexchange

# Versus ontology

Ontology is a representation vocabulary, specialized to some domain or subject. It is a representation of a set of concepts within a domain and the relationships between those concepts. It is used to reason about the properties of that domain, and may be used to define the domain.

They are equivalent in some sense. every semantic network could be presented by Ontology and vice Versa. The main diffidence is one is graphical presentation and the other is verbal presentation.

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Frames were proposed by Marvin Minsky in his 1974 article "A Framework for Representing Knowledge." A frame is an artificial intelligence data structure used to divide knowledge into substructures by representing "stereotyped situations." Frames are the primary data structure used in artificial intelligence Frame languages - wikipedia